Helping you reach audiences.Since 2011 I have been designing transmedia stories, crossmedia strategies and I love to work on projects that want to experiment with pr, outreach and go off the beaten track.

I consult on strategic and creative challenges. I am an experienced design thinker, practiced co-designer and strategic problem solver.

Together with my creative team I play and produce VR, interactive storytelling and transmedial experiences. When you’re in it, you understand it with all your senses.



Keynotes in 2020
february – BNO IMG LAB about my process and VR directing choices for ROZSYPNE

I currently work with:
▲ A near future podcast drama with Stout & Smits in co-production with broadcaster NTR – release 2020
▲ Fundamentals Academy in coaching master students innovation methods (design thinking and a defining a creative mision & vision)
▲ Prospektor on SHADOW GAME, a transmedial documentary about displaced refugee teenagers in the Eureopean Union – release 2020-2021
▲ Luuk Bouwman and DocEye on a crossmedia strategy for his new essay documentary ALLEN TEGEN ALLEN. – release 2019
▲ Collaborating with Nadja van der Weide on COMMON GOOD: Look Inside, an interactive theatrical experience for one house and a visitor. – release 2019-2020
▲ NFF, a series of workshops on social media stories for students – 2019