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Conversation starters — #Dutch

Bij de NS kiosk op het perron hebben ze nu conversation starters ingevoerd. Kassapersoneel vraagt consequent bij iedere klant: “Heeft u misschien interesse in [vul een willekeurige snack in]” en wijst dan even op het bakje voor je neus —- Briljant en indrukwekkend hoe toegewijd het personeel deze vraag bij IEDERE KLANT herhaalt. #whatsinitforthem?

A bird with a cape on an adventure in Piet Mondrian’s world. Too bad i missed it in 2011. With a bit of browsing i found the authors webgame too : http://www.vpro.nl/villa-achterwerk/jsp/villa-games/games/keepvogel/index.html?KeepThis=true&TB_iframe=true&height=768&width=1024Keepvogel or Coppernickel in the English edition looks like a fun and original book.   mighty cool. i love clickgames.


Youtube kitties and electro music. The best there is as an anti-procrastination medicine. Gets you into the flow. The name might suggest otherwise. But it works for me! Procatinator

Tearable book by Helen Friel. I want want want! I hope she will start selling soon in the Netherlands! “A short story by Edgar Allan Poe, The Imp of the Perverse. […] Each page is perforated in a grid system with sections of the text missing. Readers must follow the simple instructions to tear and […]