2013 – present //


The internet is made of stories. We think at Hackastory. Me, Albertine and Hay produce online story experiments and bring storytellers, developers and designers together during hackathons and workshops. So, let’s have fun, be creative and tell stories – in a new and awesome way!

Consider this: a filmmaker needs a script, a crew for filming, production and actors or a subject. And this all has a logic to it to make the film, but this classic process of filmmaking had more than 100 years time to develop. Online storytelling does not have a tradition yet. Or a script. Others are figuring this out at this very moment, and so are we.

We want to learn better how making stories for the web actually works, more hands-on experience, meet new people, create a network and experiment the hack out of it. Therefore Hackastory aims to learn by making and share experiences about the process of making online stories. In any shape, style or genre.

We don’t consider ourselves the Mr. Miyagi of online storytelling, but for sure Luke Skywalker with an endless curiosity to discover what this online storytelling is about.

Een bord vol cinema

Writing about music is like dancing about architecture, as the old saying goes. In that spirit, film critics Joost Broeren and Nienke Huitenga are attempting to cook about cinema.

As film critics we analyse cinema, teasing out recurring themes in a director’s body of work. But what happens if, in stead of writing down those thoughts and connections, we would use food as a medium to organise them? Een Bord Vol Cinema (‘A Plate Full of Cinema’) presents this ongoing research into the connections between film and food, and will hopefully result in a cinematic, critical cookbook somewhere in the near future.

My role: concept, cooking, writing
> Projectpartner: filmjournalist Joost Broeren.

2012 //

Human Birdwings


Produced in 2012 // During 9 months, Floris Kaayk and I worked on an exciting fictional online storytelng project called Human Birdwings. To be precise, Human Birdwings was an online adventure and invention story in which fictional character Jarno Smeets developed wings in a do-it-yourself manner. The intention of this project was to share a personal, yet universal dream about flying like a bird. Technological developments of the last decade gave this fantasy more relevance then ever before. By taking advantage of this technological revolution, Floris designed a haptic flapping wing-system (together with David Menting) which in theory would make it possible to fly like a bird.

My role: Transmedia producer

The story of Jarno Smeets’ ambition and dream-come-true was distributed on online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and a blog. This strategy was developed by me. With this, we aimed to make the audience part of an exciting experimental online storytelling format and had them participate by sharing their own ideas, dreams and solutions for building the wings.

The story reached over 10 million views and 25,000 reactions on Youtube. The story was also covered by major media like BBC, Good Morning America, MSNBC, Wired, Daily Mail, Gizmodo, Techcrunch, Discovery Channel and many Dutch media. Even the Mythbusters shed their light on the matter, and the vfx-guys at ILM (of George Lucas). We counted over 30,000 tweets, 2,000 emails and near to 1,000 reactions on the blog.

It was my first job as a transmedia producer. Thanks to Raymond van der Kaaij’s sense for experiment and trust, Floris and I learned a lot. Kudo’s to Revolver Media!

The Human Birdwings project was a non-commercial media project supported by a professional team. The story was carefully crafted and build over a period of around eight months, creating the fictional character of Jarno, his backstory and the storylines leading to the final flight. We have been truly overwhelmed by the amount of positive reactions we got from all over the world, both on the original ideas of building the wings, the dream of flying as well as on the fact that in the end it is a fictional project.

Human Birdwings was produced by Revolver Media and intitiated by the Dutch public service broadcaster NTR .

Director: Floris Kaayk
Co-director: Eelko Ferwerda
Original idea: Floris Kaayk
Transmedia producer: Nienke Huitenga
Technical Design: David Menting
Producer: Raymond van der Kaaij

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