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wzzzt studio is currently working on the following projects.

WIN // \\ WIN, a consensus algorithm
During the spring edition of the Sandberg@Mediapark Masterclass (2019), Nienke Huitenga collaborated with James Bryan Graves to re-imagine the way we discuss our future and the challenge we need to solve. We developed a participatory performance where you can engage in a discussion with your mobile phone in an immersive experience with a group of participants. READ MORE

WIN // \\ WIN is on show during the following future events:
– Media Night by Beeld & Geluid (october 2019)
– Iron Curtain Project (winter 2019)
– and Other Futures Festival (april 2020). 



A roomscale interactive VR-story about Nina, an old lady trying to preserve daily life in the Eastern-Ukrainian warzone, with the MH17-crash at her doorstep.

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It’s the summer of 2014. In the eastern part of Ukraine violence erupts between separatists and the Ukrainian army. Despite the increasingly heavy fighting, the old lady Nina decides to stay where she has always lived. Here she has her vegetable garden, her stuff and the people she has known all her life. During the first hot summer of this conflict flight MH17 crashes. The bodies of passengers and parts of the aircraft crash into Ukrainian fields, through the roofs of houses, into schoolyards and gardens. There are no survivors. The reporting on this event was not always nuanced. ROZSYPNE is produced by Studio ZZZAP. With this story we want to show the complex reality and daily life in Eastern Ukraine through the virtual reality story of the old Nina. READ MORE

Curation of interactive projects to exhibit during a launch party for the new literary concept KAKKERLAKJES by Loopvis Publishing

Dutch: “Ga op reis met de interactieve tekenact van Imagin Air en laat je meeslepen door het audiotheater van Inge Wannet. Muziek is er natuurlijk ook. Psychedelische (kraut)pop van De Messen bijvoorbeeld, met voormalige leden van Luie Hond, Luchtkasteel en LPG. Niet live, maar achter de DJ-tafel vind je het gelegenheidsdj-duo Lucky Fonz III en Broeder Dielema” –





> September/October 2019: The Dutch Film Festival invited Nienke to host four workshops — alongside Sara Kolster — for young students to play and create with immersive design in social media stories.
> October 2019: Nienke will coach students at MAMDT (Hogeschool Zuyd) on interactive story producing
> November 2019: Design Academy Eindhoven and wzzzt studio collaborate on science friction scenarios: where sci-fi meets design for products that are the seeds of today, but are born in the near future.

Past guest lectures and workshops were given at HKU, MAMDT (Hogeschool Zuyd), Willem de Kooning, FHJ Tilburg, AKV St. Joost, Fundamentals Academy, Design Academy Eindhoven, ROC Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam, and at Merzakademie in Stuttgart (Germany).



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