A taste map of the London Underground by…


A taste map of the Lon­don Under­ground by 54-year-old sys­tems ana­lyst James Wan­ner­ton, who has synes­the­sia – the curi­ous cross­ing of the sens­es that makes one “hear” color, “taste” sound, and …

The minor Immersive Storytelling has kicked off @cmdbreda, yeah! And this is a neat exemple of the theme we are exploring with the students : (in)visible city.

Although we are not much focused on the ‘infographic’ side of stories and/or information. That is done by my collegue who leads the Visualizing Information programme (a minor too). We are more into the craft of telling, less in print design. But besides that there is major overlap in interests. Which is exciting.

Next week I’ll do a crashcourse critical journalism for the VisInf-students. And this week the ImmStory students get a crashcourse in collecting ‘soft data’ by the lovely Pink Pony Express.

Loads of fun stuff coming up here.

A taste map of the London Underground by…

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