LIFE OF PI 3D  : “survival tactic #5 – storytelling is advised” – #paraphrased #filminanutshell

What a 3Delicious film! Although some bits of the acting were awkward and a bit overstated, this film will take you on a dive, into the very deep, deep dark heart of storytelling! The 3D was spot on, not annoying. Wisely used to enhance the storytelling and the rhythm of the film. Pushing the motion of the storyline and rightly balanced, functioning in tandem, with the emotion of the main character: Pi Patel.

Although the film is of a somewhat sentimental genre…I strongly suggest you go see this film. Especially if you’re interesting in seeing a great example of visual, carefully composed and sensuous, storytelling.

Or read the book of course ;-)

+ bring a tiger to the viewing.

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