picture ownership afterthought by | Brilliant! But is the same for Twitter/Facebook/anyother

But hey, good news! Instagram is listening to your complaints [read the blogpost by]: Kevin Systrom co-founder of Instagram wrote:

“Your photo’s are your photo’s. Period.”

Interesting is that Systrom claims that formal texts are easily misinterpreted (says Systrom in his blog), pointing to the new terms of service of Instagram. But still, that appears not to be the end of the privacy/ownership debate. Here are some articles to dive in on this issue. 

The last article leads to an interesting perspective on a whole other problem: a broader legal issue. Slate puts it down in this bullet point summary:

  • While Facebook has been forced by lawsuits to include opt-out settings on key privacy issues, Instagram’s new policy is “take it or leave it.”
  • Instagram’s new terms include a clause asserting that users under the age of 18 imply by their agreement that a parent or legal guardian has also read and agreed to the terms. (Yeah, right.)
  • The new terms require users with a legal complaint to submit to arbitration rather than sue Instagram in court, and it prohibits them from joining a class-action lawsuit under most circumstances. Reuters quotes a law professor who says that’s highly unusual for social-media companies and leaves users relatively powerless to obtain any legal remedies.

Insights were taken from an article from Reuters, titled: Instagram tests new limits in user privacy, by Dan Levine

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