The latest hoax that caught my eye is an eagle grabbing a . Interesting to see how  (see image) got weary of these kinds of clever video manipulations. (Click the image to go throught to the article). Physics professor Rhett Allain has got his go-to tool when looking at videos = spot the real or fake camera shake

One of the tricks fakers use is to record the video with a tripod. A steady video makes it much easier to add in special effects later. Of course, who records with a tripod? That seems unrealistic. To account for this, the fakers will add “fake shake” to the video.

My project with Floris Kaayk /  /  clearly made a mark. We clearly have entered the canon of hoaxes and fake-video-shakers and are by now a classic example of ‘fake shake’. Interesting thing…because the video was fake. But not all of it was fake shaked! Most of it was actually filmed by a pro cinematographer. 

Anyway. I love the tender love & care that filmmakers put into their image manipulations. As well as the TLC the blogs put in to unravel it!

It is fun to see how times and times again we love to fool the audience. And we, the audience, can’t stop watching the illusions. Although digital cameras are not magical boxes anymore where light plays around in a dark room. Instead there are just ones and zeroes and a bit of electricity buzzing….I guess we can still see these videos as a sort of cinema of attractions that never gets old. And apparently the game of figuring it all out never bores.

On a whole different subject: why is it so logical to do this ‘unhoaxing’ to videos on YouTube, and not per se in de cinema? Is the viewing context that important?

Any ideas?

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